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Sunday, March 07, 2010

God affirms me with 2 sunny days.

God grants me with sunshine.^yesterday again a busy day. first in office claimed family google accounts with google's newly integrated service,  panoramio.com, till 12:30am. the monitor stayed in office all time. baby's mom, emakingir, buzzed amid to urge me sooner, for she cooked fried beef for me.  in ema's house, restore clean os on her notebook, a Hasee product. baby tried new games on my notebook, an Acer product. near 4:30pm, i went to shower in  public bathroom, where i got shoved. bought baby ice cream&sugar gourd. Holy message urged me to return dorm sooner, but baby son, God of Universe, lately  told me he likes to use my Acer notebook. so i launched to prepared working environment on the 2 notebook for emakingir&myself respectively. then introduced  new gadget, bluetooth earphone, to emakingir, who was at once attracted by it, for she likes reading novels&folk talk show. returned to dorm after 9pm,  strode all time in office till near 10pm. emakingir let me use her old cell after baby son claimed my recent bought cellphone. its all time sunny, as God let  me know that i never fail or wrong do. the same as to today's sunshine weather, for last night i prayed if nothing went wrong pl let me see his sunshine  again, and so it does. Masheng, bring me my 4th wife, my Taiwan girl, with who we will have my 3rd son.

a busy day with full work load.^woke up&arrived office at 8:50am. lots of dreams but slept sound. in office posted rest of old videos from baby's mom,  emakingir's shot, on baby's kindergarten's last year's party, when i lingered in my hometown to avoid poisons spying eyes upon my relation with my baby son,  the brightest star of the earth's skyline. backup recent posts in txt to online office. attending download for tomorrow i will bring baby son more pleasure  with games in it. listening radio of bible in noon break. tried to let my new music collection manager, songbird, an open source software, to update itself  with lyrics from web database. read&commented most of afternoon. the 2 dogs in office stayed there later than 6pm, the facing evil even stayed there seeing  my leave. baby's mom, emakingir buzzed in when bitings thick, let my os hanged at once. talked about extending broadband service she handled today, as i let  in last night's buzz. dined with noodle&pies, in regard tomorrow i can eat fried beef as baby's mom told. when i left the restaurant i noticed the office was  dark, indicating the facing demon soon left after my absent. bought food on way to celebrate God's bliss on me when i read undisturbed among dirt&death  challenge. hope Masheng assures me my intact with another bright day, for this afternoon the morning's pale sky turns sunny. in dorm ate seeds in  music&solely surrounded by it after quite eating near 8:20pm.

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