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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

baby at home in warm spring night

baby at home

dad and son

proud father and dauntless son

family in one.
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Real warm early spring

these days here always sunshine, sometimes weaker and windier, sometimes enviable bright sun light. this noon on the way home i recognized its now real early spring, for which i had longing for long time in the coldest winter. i love sunshine, most favorable season is summer. spring in my hometown can be very beautiful, warm and clear and floral and fragrant.bees started to busy and ducks begin to dabble water. in the longest tunnel i will find the sunshine of my hometwon of south China i depared for so many years. i had the dream and kept it in my deepese secret.
as to my life now, i still enjoyed the web so far. i m glad to see google reopen its wiki service, from previous acclaimed jotspot.com ,and eager to find an account. but without my own domain i can't now make use of it, which belong to google's apps suite. but i can look forward to its integrate into googlepages, with which i occupied some namespace. i also wondering if i should apply myself a internation domain. for i hate Chinese surveillance i want to register my domain via American's domain provider. the road blocker was payment, on which google's checkout asked owning a visa or master card, to which i only heard, never know more details. i like name, or domain, or namespace. god know his creations. i had paid lots of cautions to align my cyperspace footprints. i managed them like a brand. i earned less money, but that doesn't prevent my managing my brand in virtual like a business. i know i m abled and continued to be abled, in my full development, under God's shine and glory.
my baby enjoyed martial games very much. i also want to try some. i love the immersing experience when gaming. but my problem was i love even more free stuff available on the web, like p2p or ftp stuff. they r really handy and valueable. my pc was always busy downloading, and ema's notebook previously can let us play on it. but now the notebook had some problem to power on, likely biso battery ran out of power. ema got angery and claimed not to bring it back from her school. i really need a new pc to work on while the downloading should moved to a lightweight equippment with less intelligence.
my pc was under frequent hack, likely from China watch dog, reboot irregularly many time. i just too alert to enjoy the online redio or podcast, which in most cases and frequent causes led to reset.China dog really exerts its terrorism on me. otherwise, how i enjoyed listening podcast online.
its a nice afternoon. i finished reading most feeds i subscribed. i recently caught up with old feeds awaiting to be read and my life and work balanced better. i don't knwo what's my job or career, but i sure reading and thinking, no more sensible.

baby visit his mother's hometown with his mother&grandma