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Monday, October 11, 2010

clouds gathered after our mean National Day vacation.

today there is sunshine but weak. i still frequently live penniless. with baby son, warrenzh, God of Universe, peace in my heart echoing God's praise forever unshakable. the cloudy weather since the end of National Day vacation warns me of many threats against my emerging Empire of China, but that's only a far cry from the crashing loser on the scary land now dominating&smothering the Chinese people. Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan, still caring my life, &even clearer she is reinforced by God who love the two subtly different nations thousand years lives apart while beats harmoniously pulse of life&faith. in a larger continent uncrowded&uncrossed, legend of proud&glory will continue to utter.
Ok, its a prompt post for baby's recent photos in our unseductive National Day vacation. a Liu earns a Nobel peace prize. God sees the triumph of democracy unbreakable shines over Zhu's, my honorable family since 2 dynasties in Chinese history.


a day half cloudy.^in dawn dreamed of great view of Lordship, like carrying turtle which can drain the earth. arrived baby's mom's house early&bought them breakfast including bean curd juice. backup stuff before baby left to have Chinese Pinyin lesson. tried new games, till attracted by one. baby played a lot with his mom's pupils there having their tutorials. lunch is rich, IE. toast beef with onion. lately i went to shower in pubic bathroom nearby. lingered awhile after returned, while baby watching animation online, his mom read novel online. anything can remind me my new marriage, that's full at the moment. anything can cater to baby's joy, that's awaiting in coming new year. after dined in canteen, i joined local church, where i first time dozed for minutes. the sermon was warm&earnest, God, u see the distance between Heaven&my land now. tomorrow will be sunny, i assert.


a day of my birthday, recharged.^reading all day while in heavy dirt from sins, ie. gays, in office. God let me gain from web like produce from field. its still foggy in morning, since last night, but turned weakly sunny in afternoon. i tried facebook new group feature as reported in my rss feeds, but unfortunately they were still unavailable for old groups. chatted awhile with hometown relatives in QQ, but not much fun. these days i frequently reckon support from Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen of Japan, if the sum could solve my deficit now gathered to near ¥2000, and my wish list for new year, a Dell game notebook will cost ¥7000, &some other spending like hometown duty, ie. life support of my old mother, write back broadband bill for my work online in my last hometown vacation from April to June, 2010 , ¥1000, &finally clear debt to my Taiwanese friend who help register domains, ¥2000. i badly want to treat my baby son&his mom 3rd time with toasted mutton, in a nearby restaurant next to the local church. God, these days i live in penniless but survived so well, i enjoyed every bite so sweet! God, i thank u for the weightless life, pl let me do as i will in coming year end celebrations. bring my girl zhou, or anyone of my girls into my arms, Asoh, u know, bring my new life from dream into routine&concrete.


a foggy morning.^today is the first work day after National Day vacation. the fog started since last morning. in dusk i spent more time roaming outside to avoid dirt in dorm. this vacation started with a breakfast i bought for baby&his mom when they still on bed while i went over by bus near their house, and end with a lengthy nap baby&me both took on bed after gaming, while his mom busy with sorting house. my financial situation still worsening, but God let me enjoy life so sweet&meaningful. God, bring me my new family.

benzrad's comment on the day

irresistible of Christian one world.

world tolerance to Islam must toward a moment when shows the formidable of Christian. delay of proper response can call forth menace&threats that's real. God, bring clear the failure of Islam undebatable.


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dreamed of our old house in my hometown, central China, rebuilt. my passed dad, God, taming a tiger. my second elder brother tamed another.

From Our mean National Day holiday
From Our mean National Day holiday
for google&flick blocked within China mainlnad for years, here some copy hosted domestic.

baby son bored in his mom's hometown visit.

baby with visiting pal, daughter fo his mom's colleague's.