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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

days in game light, tumbling toward happier new life.


these days collecting games from web brought me so many breathtaking moments that i frequently call title of God to accept my obligations&witness the full of life. every moment when i alone, i counted my loot with melting elation. in the weekends, i spent 2 days with baby in his mom's house, routed from my dorm. we had great times, succeeded missions in games, enjoy soliciting electronic war field in a team or emotionally together. baby alone started to try a bowling game, after i found him likes bowling&suggested e-bowling. he asked his mom lately to compete with him in the bowling game, and really mastered quite some expertise of the game his parents dumbfound. the weekends were cloudy days, but our hearts full of Sunshine. before i returned to dorm in the end of weekends, he asked me to join him every full weekends from now on, and i can't be more happier to accept his companion invitation.
these days office Internet seemingly got coarser surveillance. i had encountered since last week several knockouts during surfing. the browser can't open web pages, while download waded into several KB/s while usual full load sustains 300KB/s. this Monday i had to quit&shot down my notebook&switch for half of an hour when the facing evil absent after 3 times China censorship blocks down my connection. the facing evil all time faultfinding, so its likely a plot to ignite friction between&fuel of blames&angry among the blood-thirsty mob in the office, a place in fact of tomb of dying bitter losers, just attempting to bury me with humiliation&harm lawful. in the sunshine of noon, i pray God prepares me for activities offline, like reading ebooks for research, try games, to avoid the trap&defeat meaninglessness, which the unavoidable shameful product of those mob in office, mostly original worst of blue collars promoted by bribery or nepotism, but if luckiest, i would still enjoy gaining from web as i did so long with the Internet routinely. God, pardons me lingering online too much, grants me more time in solitude&harmonious family life. u know how i am urgent to find a new wife&life, in full view&rein of my Empire.
this morning dreamed of Zoo.^Dreamed of the administrator of a zoo. he had sold most of land of the zoo, but still run short of currency to run a zoo. his staff also leaving. i also dreamed of animals in the zoo. its a bright morning.

bright morning sunshine outside of benzrad's QRRS office
From life as it extends


refined baby&my profile knols. commented on web. Internet deteriorated 3 times&i had to reboot accordingly. the facing sin challenged heavily. read&hunt new pc games. enjoyed dinner. too cool to sit outside. roamed outside, met&nodded to a retired chairman of board of QRRS, a bullshit once dorm mate now a dirty office politician in department of accounting within the dying for outdated company. sorted stuff in night. praying God don't break my passionate engagement with games.
a meaning full weekends.^this weekends spent with baby in 2 days. we made progress on our favorite pc games. baby specially attracted by elf bowling 7, &said played with his mom later than 10pm in Saturday night. my kid brother borrow my logo design for family namespace, faezrland. i sent him via a neighbor's Internet access in dorm. gays in the dorm started to harass me with their ill behavior, after some occasions i side-watched their play with pc for fun. its golden autumn. baby asked me from now on spending every full weekends with him, such a nice suggestion, i never felt enough to be with him. its sunny now in this morning even cloudy when i joined office. 

benzrad's comment on the day

两岸关系: 人民日报宣扬中共领导抗战胜利 马英九批与史实不符 - 法国国际广播电台
bbenzrad zhu - righteous rebuff! history of PRC full of dirt and tentative errs need rewrite.10:10 am

failure of any Chinese stemmed from sinful mainstream of PRC

Lee is the living failing Chinese between China&the western. he nothing but a cheater&loser, even once witness the plenty&creative in western culture. he is far from a broker between sino-US, but a shameless traitor of google even when google still paid him. he is the vivid coward and inferior of Chinese as born with weak backbone, a fart licker of autocratic PRC. his career as well as personal life after left google doomed to be nothing but void&noname. world doesn't echo his new brag of business but a laugh soundless.
Google warned on China plans
By Kathrin Hille in Beijing
Published: September 5 2010 18:51 | Last updated: September 5 2010 18:52
Google's technological lead over Baidu has eroded, the company's former China head has said, highlighting the increasing challenges western internet companies face in the world's most populous internet market.
In an interview with the Financial Times, Kai-fu Lee said western internet companies had no chance in China unless they build a more nimble and flexible local presence and retain a strong technological edge.

the future gap and judged of Chinese

Fang's honest wins him forever dignity. God blesses honest Chinese, and only honest Chinese. hell Chinese nowadays on mainland China, esp those well fed by the dirty society nowadays. 
时代周报:方舟子,最失败的中国人?  http://www.ohmymedia.info/?p=3237
views See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/9st1

irresistible sink of PRC, rotten society with losing ethic of standing.

the well worded principle always a corner part of the larger ethic reality. in a bankrupt society like PRC, nothing ordered, or even well versed, can't save the mainstream nor ethic national. 
路透社新闻手册之"标准和价值观" http://www.lipuman.com/archives/reuters-news-manual-standards-and-values/ from 李普曼
See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/9st7 


finally accessed myspace.^yesterday i was in elation after i gained&supplemented a broken archive from web near 6pm. my thx to God is saint&thick. baby's mom still in afraid of talking money with me after see through my poor salary, coarsely let me shut up when i referred what i bought, like some tea yesterday. in the night trusted neighbor roommates help fixing my cellphone can't access Internet via wap for months. they both reluctant to let me check their cell's setting but browse my cellphone. after all they failed me. this morning again a brilliant sunny morning. God allows me posted recent 2 blog entries to myspace, which refute my logon for more than 3 days by ill response broken by proxy disabled by China censorship. God, i see more miracles&fruits of work through ahead. Thx for what u done on me.

benzrad's comment on the day.

irresistible sink of China nowadays with no resistance to sin&sinister. 沉疴不治的中国

the dying China society, deepest core sin is the authority, or its back bone, Marxism vented by Russian. no cure for nowadays China, except total collapse&rebuilt into Empire under Zhu's, the Emperor of last native Chinese nation.
PRC, to its best, is a prototype of dark power from sins among German&Russian, outdated in today's world since the flagship product, the Russia Red's collapse back to 1991. PRC as its best, is a cheap commodity like what it produces in these 20 years in global economy.
i, benzrad朱子卓, here assert again, i will ruling China in an Empire reset for 1109 years that comes soon. China belongs to the Son, while Chinese redemption&sacrifice to God long time is due and as the only way out of the world.

方舟子的个人空间--方舟子 | 留言


2010年09月02日 10:40:10



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Posted via email from benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly...鸠昱隆嘉


dreamed of Chinese Kong Fu, or Taoism.^yesterday is busy. after work time the facing sin again stayed in office till i left before 6pm. after daily exercise, ie. rest on garden bench, jog around the front space of QRRS, rest on bed&dozed, till a neighbor guy visited. later dropped him a visit but nothing special. in dawn dreamed of a girl from working class with me join a Chinese Kong Fu class, whose tutor in fact a fake Chinese kongfu master. i left earlier, but years after when i met the girl, she told really Chinese Kong Fu means, there r real breath method, space orientation rules, etc. she reinforced quite a lot by the practice. she got the fake master's baby but finally left the cheating person. after work up, i see God's way no other but my way, only i gifted with the real source of mightiest&timeless&most glorious. but God offers many ways to show human the source of life&supernatural.

peaceful warm autumn sunset in QRRS front space.

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