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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

God, my dad, shown me death and fate of family tree, on his scary land.


yesterday is an important memory for me, in my hometown journey 2nd, for i earnestly talk to and with God, my passed dad. the day just after some chilly raining days, i read most of the day near my dad's old house's front door, which rightly monitored by the evil dark house's owner, the second husband of my early passed aunt, a diligent woman who left me life time memory, a said once bare poor in the village before the new republic China. the demon's window just peeking our front door, just under a slope. the demon polluted me all the day with his tomb chill, so when i felt reading enough, i haunted the village's hall with my camera. but the front square of the village don't gather any interesting young men as usual, so i picked to travel the newly developing wing of the village, where most of the offspring of the dark house owner shifted their houses to, as well as other minor or confluent family trees in the village where almost all residents in family name Zhu. its a fruitful tour, in which my blended memory and anxiousness called forth. the back hill is the main well being source of the villagers, but all that led by my passed dad when he left his factory for injury on his toes in a blast in rocks and returned to the village. he continued his work with steer tools to make use of stones on our back hill for bridges or other building usage, by unearthed them, sorted them, trimmed&polish them for ready brick or block or other frameworks. his works not only support my education which is the best among my sisters and brothers, but forges my best cherished memory and hope and belief and lifestyle on being a man. that occurred amid the transition China opening to the world from deadly locked communism doctrine. the young villagers gradually all follow my dad's lead and improved their lives a lot in these decades by producing tombstone from the hill. but the village, or town, badly need a new business pattern in coming eras. in the tour, i not only led by worship to the hills protecting our village, but also irritated by the shockingly unregulated development after my dad's years on the mountain. waste and unreasonable building reflects the Chinese society and its culture. i took quite some nice photos on the scenes.
after returned home, i babbled&query a lot about the passed villagers and rise or fall of families in their sins or glories. i sensed God, my passed dad, so close to me and my vision. in reviewing my homeless status, my heart weighting, my hope dimmed upon my faith of my coming Royal of China, my family in incomparable glory. i especially looking forward the reunion with my beloved girls, with my baby son, God of Universe, Hope of China, who brings me so many happy moments. but God comforts me with universe message in Holy spirit, that i was rightly in learning, in a road of witness and sharping vision, in a road of harden wills to change, change the most cold-blooded shelter or defense by devils to drag China backward or inward. in the dusk, i was lightened by God's message, lightened by the rule and command God trusts me to execute.
when night covered the sky with black, i tried to chat with baby, to whom i'm so thankful, but unfortunately, his mom, emakingir, rebuffed my invitation. i guess China surveillance took action trying to separate us. God, u know the way all these mean to lead out.

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

A large gap digged by villagers' quarry.

a new villager's house can described as luxury.

a village pond, so lovable, but other 2 ponds missing or pulluted.

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