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Thursday, February 25, 2010

God lets me no private. daily tweet on Feb 25,2010

God lets me no private.^read news via wap later than 11pm. some residential returned to dorm later than 10:30pm, &sang loud. likely they r different from quite some other residential who slept mostly before 10pm. dreamed a lot, woke up near 7:30am. visit office at once. Its a bright morning. most of time in office roaming in corridor to avoid tomb chill in offices on the floor. the fake gangster in neighbor office boast exciting on TV which live broadcast Olympic games. just when noon break started, the monitor appeared to cast dirt. i buzzed baby's mom as God lets, talked about my wish list of a blueteeth earphone. also talked with baby son. they ate fried beef for lunch, for the grandma there to cook. soon the only Hubei migrant in QRRS continued to trouble me, asking me to see his pc's problem, as he did quite some times. i arranged it when i on way to dorm after 12pm. left office earlier, visited the grey man's office but found the ground door locked. when waiting for his arrival, God assured me the Hubei guy turned sinful to abuse my reservation upon him for the folkship. a girl walked to dorm 1st turns me back to my own room, where i cracked seeds till the grey man buzzed in again. i lingered about a quarter in his office, till found its totally a sin pot or pitfall against me. the grey man don't have other problem except an infected os, but his real ailment was trying to attract&defame me. so did all the administration team of QRRS dorms. for example, before i visit the grey man's office, i shit in the toilet of the administration office. just after i settled in urgency, a man, i didn't notice, likely the evil director of the office, entered&urinated aside me in stance. shit knows what he intended&what he got. returned to dorm, dirt from the grey man&his colleagues still foaming around, let me decided to delete the folk from my contacts. the neighbor resident coughed when i cracked seeds, shown hidden evil, not a normal QRRS worker. roamed in dorm, found an old woman lingered quite some time on the ground within the dorms' area. its really a rotten corps' day.
left dorm at 3:01pm. facing dog bit as usual. i prepared daily tweet. Masheng, its all bliss from the time i stay alone. i know my 2 tallest girl among my wives, my Taiwan girl and Jiangyue, longing for me now. i promised u, my God, i never gauge with my present impression against them as u prepared them in the day so brilliant that i hardly recognize them, my girls in our wedding ceremony.

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