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Thursday, October 15, 2009

wrest with China surveillance.

its now golden season here in northeastern China. bright sunshine in most days, and warm&crisp air conveys the golden bliss. i enjoyed pc games more and more with baby son, who rightly a savvy gamer, and insatiable entertainment sitter. every night when i lay down on bed alone him and his mother, i just feel too precious a day it was. i hold his bear and smooth foot, and amazed by God's glory.

but now all things so bright. the China authority resolved to challenge the common sense. quite some lames supposed the tighten surveillance will loose after the special period of National Day march, but it was not the case in this year and this time. the loser broke the mind, doomed to farewell to its once appealing, doomed to separate China with the world, peaceful people with the docile. the Internet censorship turning more and more harsh and smooth most free mind and good wishes Chinese hold so far under the faked forged socialism.

these days my pc os was hacked, or my web traffic under arbitral filtering. my web traffic never overlap 90KB/s, since yesterday the grandma clean the house and i also at the moment refurnish my os with common software's update. in last 2 days i tried lots of way to make clear what's wrong with the lagging and sometimes unstable Internet traffic. but most of my works led lighter to the endeavor of hidden dark hand over my os and my account or audit or filter in my Internet ISP's router or network hardware. net neutral, a purpose pushing in US, a far cry and forever utopia for Chinese in Socialism dome, just like its doctorate died decades among the bloody red starred geopolitics. but i know world aligns to change, including the dying China mainland, as God promised me, as the Empire in my title and host from hundred years ago from my glorious ancestor. China determined to change, since the history of the world. the dying sin let to supervise the scary land in these years, was ordered to leave now. a brighter sky encompassing the land emerging from the dim and dark.

OK, its sunny now outside of my office. i was the blessed to own the vast land, China. i was testified to claim here again, as the theft of state nowadays frequent deaf due to their greediness.

From Baby Son Bathed In Late Autumn Halo

baby bathed at home in warm late Autumn

From Baby Son Bathed In Late Autumn Halo

baby watching his mom gaming and enjoy team gaming.

more of my bath.

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