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Monday, January 05, 2009

a day of separation after last night blizzard

today the first day of separation after last night blizzard where i scorned baby and warned him the evil&danger of his mother's family, including his mother herself. i busy with my routine work all day. baby's mother absent at noon when i returned for lunch. baby also absent, while in the morning they lingered at home as ema told me previously she in break, and i ate remnant of porridge she cooked yesterday. i hated baby under expectation, but i more hated his mother and her family. evil never left the house of ema. i trust God let my baby turning to normal way, to be a honest and respectable man. God sees. he is in fact the God of mine, and i just do what i had to do to manifest to all around the house, those spies, and his mother's family, including herself. i need time to fine tune my baby for what i observed and learned of God's way. his mother and other evils just fear and attempted to block my due task to father my baby son, warren zhu, hope of China and the God of the universe. i do, i did, and i done well, i oath. its a sunny day today, which pacified me so much. i dozed all the morning in office, and dreamed losing of my baby, and contacting the woman (ema?) who gave birth of my baby and now lost her right eyes, trying to reborn my second baby son, to satisfy my deep sorrow and untouchable pains for my losing baby son. the woman likely not gifted and in miserable situation and under her new man's control, but she tried to satisfy me. i don't believe in the dream, i just felt the pains of losing my baby. but, after all, i think my burst last night is a rebirth both for my baby son and myself. in the past days we covered by too much dirty evils. and i believe in the sunshine and the sun right always on me and the Royal of mine. that's my review today. i look forward to live and forever live with my baby son, warren, for the oath i prayed to God when i in turbulence before last time fell into asylum to cure my hopelessness upon evils on my baby son in infancy, i will forever attending him, just like attending my passed grand Father. i look through all clouds for the day i see the right layout of my kingdom of China from my ancestor of glory centuries ago. dad, God, u see.

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