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Thursday, December 18, 2008

dad, its ur best gift for me now, adsense account!

its so nice to have an adsense account, and right now i own one! after 3 or 4 round of exchanging email about verifying my ownership over my domain against China surveillance blocking my domain, i finally got my google adsense account near the end of work time. nothing can compare with the feeling of complement at the moment when i received the email and swiftily activated it. i worked in office till 7pm to finish first step setup on my google blogger's blogs, and my google knol. later when i attempted to add adsense to more sites of mine, the Internet within lan down, and i had to left. after dinner and accompanying baby playing some pc games for some time, i launched again, trying to add ads to my wordpress blogs, but China surveillance heavily blocking, resulting lagging returning pages. my homepage at registrar, http://be21zh.org , and on google page creator, http://www.be21zh.org , all inaccessible now, even via proxies i tried a lot. dog really hurt, maybe. 
with the adsense account, i felt i was a real content provider. i now live with cyberspace and will on cyberspace. i love google's service so much, its just too beautiful.
today is the second years since my grand dad, my God, left me, exactly. i prayed for the adsense account in afternoon when i wrote a blog for my dad's memorial day, and i at once got it. dad, i never demand u offer all what i want, but u never fail me.
its a wonderful day, since last night i felt sleeplessly. i got all i want, except the kingdom of my dad in view. i never miss anything i owns. i will pick u, surely,my best beloved.

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