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Monday, September 20, 2010

praying God for light of life.

today is so far a bright day, left over the darkness on yesterday. I'm to push this prompt blog entry to include recent tweets which mostly lengthy. looking upon the future, esp months ahead, i earnestly pray, God, let me have a new game notebook, a new udisk, and a new cellphone to replace my current one whose battery damaged heavily. i also want to treat baby in holiday with his favorite food in restaurant. God, u bring so many wonderful time in my life silent, the road for me on the earth never so clear ahead of me. God, the faith in me unshakable for light, for English, for holy&purity. God, bring my girls right time, allow us seeing the glory of u and the Son, allow us inherit the beauty&dignity from the most blessed, the Son's. God, constantly shines me in Spirit on this planet.


a day with bliss in the end.^started the day with new hope. read while attending d/l. dozed awhile in afternoon among challenges from facing sin. later found the dog shit let online movie playing while absent, just aiming to lag the Internet within office, like a mice in soup. God, i saw the glory from the falling sins around me. left office a quarter before over time, roamed outside after dinner, &met the girl with a large bag 3rd or 4th time on the lane of QRRS front door. its sunny in the morning, turned cloudy after noon, and stayed clear&weak while redden in dusk. join church after jog, enjoy elaboration on great faith in the preach. buzzed baby in dorm, he complained his mom put too many homework on him, i told him none on the earth or in the universe can cradle him or got him pinched, not even his mom. baby sheered off when i ready to infringe more on his mom. God, what i mean&ask for permits&executes in advance by ur love&mercy, God, dad, still i pledge on u to guaranty my baby's forever light heart when he on the earth, the fragile planet. his mom no doubt has many darkness in her tiny heart&world of view, that meaningless for anyone in Holy Spirit, but as baby son still in need of care, improves his mom with due strength&merit. baby, u can do it, i know, we all know. dreamed in dawn of younger brother. join office around 6am.


a big day.^yesterday important for the crisis of my financial life support. baby's mom, emakingir, finally softened her anxious upon my poor finance&its uncertainty, &even treated us dining out after the day. its all time bright in sunny, baby enjoyed a new game whose protagonist is from his favorite cartoon, sponge bob. i also got badly needed dvd backup for my stuff. baby now joined 3 or more lessons, which drives him busy with trifles. i warned his mom the inefficiency of those lessons. lunch can be delicious, with hamburgers ema manually made, i also ate sweat grapes. its now a bright morning, a work day adjust for coming lunar Mid-Autumn Day vacation, which has 3 days free.

benzrad's commment on the day

publication platform vs my publish. http://amplify.com/u/aqyn 
thx for the informativeness. i have both posterous&tumblr, but so far didn't pay much attention to their difference. my blog mainly post my thoughts&life log, and usually post a collective of recent tweets in a week. i don't care share nor community too much, but to let my voice out there, prophecy inscribed. hope the subtle different emphasis among platform referred above don't hurt my publication, or reversed. 
Update: Should I Move my Blog to Tumblr? Apparently not. 
See this Amp at http://benzrad.amplify.com 
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a day with perfect workout.^read all day while attending d/l. before 6pm i got all i admired&left office. enjoyed dinner in canteen where i absent for days, partially for too late, partially for empty wallet, in the past week. after dinner jogged outside, with my short pant its a bit cool, but i determined to train myself against chill. can't help telling baby&his mom the good news of new bonus, which really solves. these days God accompanies me so many occasions, in dark time waiting for d/l finish, in shadow of violence threats, in flashing thoughts among reading to decide, and more and more. God, bring me my new marriage with my beloved, bring me my girls in our prime time. in night buzzed baby, my mother in hometown, my youngest elder sister, about the bonus with which God saves me from starvation&humiliation.
in dawn dreamed of the worn skin of my right heel completely in wholesome peeled off by me. got up to make water&glad with the dream. then dreamed of harmonious life with one of my girls. it's a bright morning now.


save arrives while attest endures.^yesterday's sandstorm brought a peaceful sunny Thursday. dusts down like the effect of a drizzle in late Autumn. weak but bright sunshine likes milk&fragrance of lily. more elation of harvest of interesting pc games. got a holiday bonus of ¥200 from QRRS. God saves me from defame of penniless&starvation. but this month salary again suffers lose, stopped at ¥1095. God, i need a new game gear, Dell notebook studio 14, and a new udisk. i can wait, but my mind don't change: i want to try more pc games. my girls, my beloved, pardon me for my engagement with e-entertainment alone. i want to keep up with full view of my Empire of China, but God sees i need new experience of independent navigation on landscape unclear, like video games, to reinforce my dream of rich, of plenty, after the America Dream. i had to atop the arena of sci-social foundation to be informed in Holy shine. baby, my Queens, i live with u every moment.
a blessing day.^today full of bliss. gained quite some games dreamed of. rested afternoon for resilient from yesterday's intensive chore of maintaining legend pc baby made frequent usage. claimed more vanity url for family sites with x.co. the office pal tentatively talked about violence by local hooligans. left office before 5:30pm, join canteen at once. rest on garden bench, doubting surrounding gangsters. roamed outside&talked awhile with the previous chief director of the factory, now a company, when i enrolled by the enterprise back to 1991, the year i graduated from Nankai Univ. on way near my office, met a girl with a large bag. its our second running across. today is due my girl zhou, or my girl i met on train from my 2nd hometown journey, appears to me, and God shows it in my meeting up with the girl leaving QRRS. its a bright day can't be more splendid. God, bring me into my new life in arms of my girls.
this morning again bright. baby's mom buzzed for missing password for logon desktop. i join office in hopes. i know i m to gain more.


wrote a prompt blog entry to include recent tweets.^yesterday closest encountered violence, which brought me a cold shake. treating baby son KFC costed almost all of my pocket money his mom restrained. ate grapes baby's mom brought, quite sweat they r. teeth strangely automatically bleeding in night. dreamed a lot in dawn. posting/blogging quite smoothly this time. attending d/l while read. some minor sandstorm cast lots of sands on desktop&its keyboard. God, saves me from humiliation of begging dinner! lives me in peace&far from wanting!

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
for google&flick blocked within China mainlnad for years, here some copy hosted domestic.

touching warm late Autumn sunrise in QRRS dorms.

panorama of QRRS front open space.

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