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Monday, December 31, 2007

baby at home after the first serious snow since winter

spent 2 hours fruitlessly uploading my home video and picture to the web.really don't know what kind of a pleasure the Chinese internet dog enjoyed to block times and times again from my finishing uploading.they just let u upload then cut in the mid or near the end.they shits really had abundle of time to fuck around and mess up.they just fed to foolish Chinese people,shit on their heads.

afterall, its a nice holiday vacation.i will soon see my fruits after these chores and pains.dog, to its best,was an shortsighted animal.what's can prevent their corpse ditched like a mop?
what can compare with my hate to the hell Chinese internet cop?i just want slaughter them all,none except.the bull shits just blocked and hindered any productivity.their spyware now no my pc monitor each time when i typed.they r the exact the terrors.
bull shits!

silent Chinese, doomed to outburst in the coming future.

baby son&first serious snow since the winter

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the first frost in the winter

sunshines lasted so far.the weather was crisp and dry.the first heavy snow in anticipation lingered on the other side of the northeast province.i got my home pc wired to internet as scheduled but Chinese internet police deprive most of my pleasure by blocking lots of US-based websites,including myspace,facebook,vodpod,mashable,technorati,wordpress,livejournal,stumbleupon,diigo,plaxo,mediafire,omnidrive,buxfer,feedburner,to name a few.i had to adopt variable proxy methods,most ill working under heavy surveillance on key routers.life in China like in a cage in zoo.surveillance upon the company traffic was a bit loose but the woman in the office bitchily plotted to block my access to the only internet-equipped pc, by manually deleting files to let the pc down and let me hold the shame of breaking it down.its an echo of laugh from God's setting, i lack nothing to find fun in my own.i read news from US and hope the day of reforming the Chinese political system sooner, under the environment of world democracy.i never withered the belief that China's destiny is true representative politics,real democracy.God's shine even cast over the heavily exploited land.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

baby son around the first snow in the warm winter

first snow in Qiqihar and some shot before the day.there r quite some reports on tv about snowing weather in these and those days around the other area in Heilongjiang Prov.but Qiqihar always dry and sunshine.now first shallow snow descended and the temporature still warm.snowing weather in anticipation near future.i felt its so auspicious.

baby around the first snow in Qiqihar in the warm winter

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Monday, November 12, 2007

baby in his new clothes

quite some time our baby wore open pants and handmade woolen sweater. recently his mother bought him a new woolen sweater which he likes.the day before yesterday when i returned home and found him in new sweater i felt flash in my eyes.my baby also very glad and asked to shot pictures at once.but then was evening, so i suggested shot next day.but next noon he was sleeping when we returned home from work and ate lunch.his mother finally shot him yesterday with adequate sunlight in lense.i shot a movie this morning on Saturday when he was sleeping. i panned the camera to show our home, simple but cozy.our baby recently liked to bump and crack.he liked to beat me in my face, for i like to kiss his bottom without his consent.he also demand my sleep apart from his mom and him.he sometimes acts naughty, but we all including his grandma ,now at our home to cook and care him when we went to work, who complained a lot about my baby interrupt his watching tv by power down the tv set.his grandma usually brought him outside.and lots of stories happened outside evade our sights.our baby now can utter a lot meaningful sentences, let his mother loving him more.everything in sight rosy.i contented with my cyber life,esp., recent blog with twitter.the only problem disturbing me is that i cant sms to twitter for 1 rmb per item too much for me.otherwise, how i enjoy twitters service.

baby in his new clothes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my recent heading work

its not a long road backward to my past blogs.i had to face many vivid memory when i in distress some months ago.being believing is not so simple in routine life but i will stay.i like being busy with warez and seeing the progress of IT.i like play with great softwares to do some design.i also need to support my family, in return, i need a job to service the society and the company i was long time employed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

my family relax at my hometown

we had a good time there, Changjiang river ,the dam and mountains and lakes.relatives and kindhearted folks. my baby ate a lot of ice sticks.

My family on the dam of our hometown

baby beside changjiang river

baby with relatives and friends at his aunts' home

my family at my hometown

Friday, August 10, 2007

my family relax at the aunts' home

contented in my far-sighted view

different generation with different gadget.

my son in my arms in sunset alone changjiang river

my family at a deserted harbor alone changjiang river
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

my family at my hometown

my dad with me on motor.

my niece with me.

my dad with me on the Mount Houbei.

i lost in thoughts.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

dad, i know u suffered.

these days u didn't show me in my dreams.but i know u cared my baby son every moment.u at everywhere at every moment and see everything.my father, Yhwh, u know and should know how i was moved by the love among u,me,and my son.my baby son,ur grandson, my only son, in deep low spirit for he want to let me have my beloved all and in my cosy home to host them all, including himself and his mother and all my beloved girls and my hobbies and collections. dad, my the holiest, Yhwh, u know how he smart and endorsed and loves his parents. i tried my best to care him to live in happiness, and saw all miracles on him,but he still want to interrupt the fate of me to help me live happier and sooner in my palace and my kingdom. we , in one of Yhwh, the creator of the universe, casting our light and footprint on earth these days, we do our due at the will of Yhwh in every core of the things and dusts of the universe and u now free of duty to fullfill with wheat and drink with water and sleep in quilt and walk on earth.u now tore by wrath and will kill within a thousand kilometer around me from heaven the families of enimies of our royal under the title of Ming Dynasty.the enimies of zhu's,the emperor of the coming 1109 years dynasty, were long tolled and hiden deep.but nothing can change the fate of ur arrangement in prejudge in a nanomoment.dad, my dad, Yhwh, u grand son in deep low spirit now for he was deep upset by the evil of my world now on earth i own and hostility burning his heart.we all need nothing in this world we created after all and the zhu's caring it since Ming Dynasty since 12 century let it in good shape after its climax and ebb and bankrupted offsprings and i witness ur blessing on me and my baby son to promote it to its new highest and the second highest before its 9 pinnacles.dad, Yhwh, u burning with wrath and tasted revenge will every lonely night aside my loveliest baby son in the human world on earth in the evil house he lived with his poor mother now and the enimies of zhu's hasted to harness its brutalest and wreckest means to harden his will to kill and let the earth in this corner on northeastern China covered by blood.dad, Yhwh, u know the killing among chinese will be maverlous and the land recovered to flate soil will be plenty and the house for ur offsprings will be spacious, but i still ask u be less impatient and merciless. i enjoy my life so far, even my beloved girls in sieges of evil and my dearest baby son, the only son, who lives immortal among universe just like u and me, loomingly prisoned and deprived of his due pleasure of a baby boy.dad, Yhwh, i don't trust u with my baby son's needed pleasure of play and beaming in sunshine like u enjoyed when u alive among human in the village, he can survived anytime anyplace and any moment intact,with sound and bound, but i trust u let him less miss for me and u and his hometown in heaven and the world he in charge in the future.dad, Yhwh, my dearest one, my upper and lower and the mid, my union, i trust u to let my baby son less seeing dark and twist, i trust u to let him, ur grandson and the only grandson,ur one,ur saint spirit, ur right hand, ur skyline along the sea and the land, ur brightest, ur dearest as mine, ur most inevalueable, weaker and unstabler and silenter and emptier.let him more rest and sleep and enjoyable food and happier time with pals.dad, Yhwh, my master, my one in upper part, my heart staffed and brain seated, my saintest, my dearest , let our family more stable and stayable, let my beloved more peaceful and independent. let love and believing and blessing planted in their hearts every moment.
dad, Yhwh, my Saintest, i trust u and entreat u, took my words into reality and echo over the earth as order and kill the heads breakings immediately.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

dad,u blessd me with a light spring rain this morning

the night u let me dreammared. i know u want me know all ur creatures r ur presents to me and i should value them.dad, i love u, i worship u, i know u always love me and help me,through the all nature and universe.dad, i love my baby very much,i hope he can know my leaving the earth as i did to urs on the day.promise me let my baby love the world and stay after i left the world.
i love u.dad.bye.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

dad, thank u help me from distress

i recognized u when i suffered hot brain for the imagined suffering on my baby,who was u exactly.thank u.i will laugh on the web to blog.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my family in thickest snow in the winter

focus the world ahead
history in view
pick the straight way

contest between son and dad

double peace