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Monday, November 12, 2007

baby in his new clothes

quite some time our baby wore open pants and handmade woolen sweater. recently his mother bought him a new woolen sweater which he likes.the day before yesterday when i returned home and found him in new sweater i felt flash in my eyes.my baby also very glad and asked to shot pictures at once.but then was evening, so i suggested shot next day.but next noon he was sleeping when we returned home from work and ate lunch.his mother finally shot him yesterday with adequate sunlight in lense.i shot a movie this morning on Saturday when he was sleeping. i panned the camera to show our home, simple but cozy.our baby recently liked to bump and crack.he liked to beat me in my face, for i like to kiss his bottom without his consent.he also demand my sleep apart from his mom and him.he sometimes acts naughty, but we all including his grandma ,now at our home to cook and care him when we went to work, who complained a lot about my baby interrupt his watching tv by power down the tv set.his grandma usually brought him outside.and lots of stories happened outside evade our sights.our baby now can utter a lot meaningful sentences, let his mother loving him more.everything in sight rosy.i contented with my cyber life,esp., recent blog with twitter.the only problem disturbing me is that i cant sms to twitter for 1 rmb per item too much for me.otherwise, how i enjoy twitters service.

baby in his new clothes.

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