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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

China wasting its labor by replicate and steal.

Chinese most software&web service will die in the same way, just for their featureless. The dogged mined China authority nowadays driving lots of social energy wasting in the same way: duplicate poor quality product parallel to advanced product in Christian world, just feeds its dictator's sick will to feel inferior again and again to the world leader in US in hundred years since the fall of Ming dynasty on the scary land, to assure the totalitarian that he still owns some cheap labors from the stealth of state power, in the lent fake cause of state security. they steal and copy, but all of them just a waste of dog shits. China, had to learn to stand up on the shoulder of giant like America, not the cheap locksmith it beholds in its history that's not short and time to arouse.

in reference to: http://www.cnbeta.com/articles/107401.htm (view on Google Sidewiki)

google profiles goes ever brighter.

i love google profiles, hope it grows steadily. world opener with google's deeds.
google wouldn't missing any social networks, its in God's favor.

in reference to: http://www.personalbrandingblog.com/3-myths-about-google-profiles-and-2-reasons-to-have-one-anyway/ (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

first rain, a bliess from my Japanese Queen, Masheng, in lunar 2010


first spring rain in 2010.^last night i enjoy music, esp. Jolin Tsi's songs, after 11pm. the full moon still very bright. in the night i slept sound but woke up by rain drip on the roof. some time after 8am i got up to see the rain. its a small rain, but i guess very valueable for peasant. the cloudy sky still let me doubt, but i m assured its a blessing day.

here my web comments yesterday:
Benzrad Zhu  

Re: http://bit.ly/cIF4xY @merriemarie what obtained from robber, what lost in shame.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: http://bit.ly/9UiPyT @merriemarie its can terrified Chinese cops into bone chill if it occures in China mainland. really awesome to see such a social affair.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: http://bit.ly/axSMGX @merriemarie nature response. hope China mainland sooner sees the spectacular.

Benzrad Zhu  

RT @merriemarie The Most Amazing Chapters of American History Were Written in the Last Seconds Before Midnight http://bit.ly/cMLg8e"Dependency, unemployment, economic contraction, and socialist politics are a perpetual-motion engine of national decline."
the author obviously serious about the change and its result in nowadays US, and hold strong the conservative American value. that's quite on the point.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: http://bit.ly/8ZCiry @merriemarie profound precaution which should be treated seriously. Obama can't evade the probe of American soul guardian.

end of socialism China mainland.