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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

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  • the core value of google, is not money, but the value of democracy: let every citizen has basic right to do what he likes and privileged to do; make everyone's life better and easy and lighter with fiber technology; try best to offer more useful utilities to common people and live with people's everyday life. in one word, as google laid it, don't be evil. google's service directly linked to God, let faith more prevailing, after the burden of mass reality on the earth lessen.Google united people under their God, and made everyone in independent with due proud. Google free the authority to citizen and made them share more sense with God. Google let the view of God's way embodied and the world in conflict more accurate. Google with its engine, let the world of spirit and shrine more awesome in front of the most stupid people. Google is the baptist Joseph.
    Google also the biggest threat of autocracy. that's why the dictators in the east so hatrous to Google and the web. Google means to convert the world into democracy and union of God's blessed.

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